A History of Great Design
Appeal Graphics Inc. (1990), is a Winnipeg-based graphic arts and design company which currently provides a wide variety of print and electronic media services to its clients in both official languages.

Phil Dupas, the company’s President and Art Director has over 20 years experience in the graphic arts industry and has been working in the desktop publishing environment since its inception. Appeal Graphics Inc. maintains an on-going commitment to the understanding of new technologies, softwares and design trends while remaining squarely focused on client needs and customer satisfaction. The company brings a level of sensitivity, insight and intelligence to each design challenge it faces.

Appeal Graphics Inc. has participated in a number of team based projects and ad campaigns over the years. Many of these creative projects involved extensive planning phases and required a solid technical understanding of the media(s) in question. The company has designed logos, stationary, brochures, advertisements, folders, signage, presentations, web sites, etc. for a host of companies and corporations both locally and nationally and has been involved in the planning, art direction and development of promotional concepts and slogans for a wide variety of campaigns.

The Benefits of Teamwork
Appeal Graphics Inc.’s design team is exactly that... a team. We work together sharing areas of expertise, training each other in new softwares, troubleshooting problems, providing feedback on creative directions and helping each other out in the trenches. Everyone on the design team has their own style and creative approach. Individual areas of expertise serve to further enhance the team. Still, what unites us most is our dedication to the quality of our work and to the needs of our clients.